The Board of Directors for 2022 are:

    • Dar Davis, Interim President
    • Rebecca Hughes, Vice President
    • Open, Secretary
    • Solveig Belanga, Treasurer
    • Nancy Blanton, Vice President for Book Sales
    • Emily Ward, Assistant Treasurer
    • Realista Rodriguez, Director of Advocacy
    • Kathy McCollom, Director, Marketing/Communications
    • Jeanie Pruitt-White, Membership Chair

Soliciting candidates interested in serving as Vice President of the Board.

Vice President Position Description: The Vice President assists the President in fulfilling the latter’s duties, acts on behalf of the president in the event of his/her absence, and may also take on special projects at the request of the President. The Vice President succeeds the president in cases of resignation, disability, or removal from office. Term is January 2024 through December 2026.

The new Vice President will receive an on-boarding package as well as support and guidance from the outgoing Vice President. Candidates will be requested to submit references.

By July 18, 2023, please email Kay Brown at [email protected] if you are interested in applying for this important board position or have questions.


Kay Brown, Vice President and Chair of the Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee members:

Rely Rodriguez

Trish Skinner

Jennifer Wetmore

2022 Board