Got a Minute? Beatley Library Could Use You

Friends' contributions help the Library get what it might not be able to afford on its own. Prime examples are the murals in the Children's area and the state-of-the-art AV system that's now in the large meeting room. We raise money to make Beatley better.

We need help with book sales, membership, outreach, advocacy, fundraising, special programs, leadership, administration, and maintaining our presence on social media. By devoting just a few hours per month, you can make a positive impact on the Library and the community. Please send an  email to to get started. 

We welcome and encourage the involvement of Friends' members who volunteer to serve on the Friends' Board. The Friends' Nominations Committee is developing the slate for Officers and Directors to serve beginning January 1, 2019. At this time, two board positions are open: Vice President and Secretary. We are soliciting candidates to fill these positions, with responsibilities as follows:

Vice President: a two-year term ending December 31, 2020
The duties of the Vice President are to assist the President in fulfilling the latter’s duties and to act on behalf of the President in the event of his/her absence. The Vice President will succeed the President in cases of resignation, disability or removal from office.

Note: A full Board term is three years. The Friends’ current Vice President has chosen to resign the position in order to accept a new position as Vice President for Marketing & Outreach. The new Vice President will fulfill the remaining two years of the current term, with an option to continue for a second, regular term of three years beginning in January 2021.

Secretary: a three-year term ending December 31, 2021
The Secretary shall record, or cause to be recorded, all proceedings of the regular and special meetings of the Corporation and shall provide notice to the Membership of all such meetings. The Secretary shall send the minutes of any meeting to the Board of Directors, officers and other meeting attendees within 15 days of the meeting date. The minutes may be modified and approved at the subsequent meeting by a simple majority vote of the attendees. The Secretary shall provide the final approved minutes to the Membership. The Secretary shall be the custodian of all records and papers on behalf of the Corporation.

In order to ensure sufficient time for review of potential candidates, please send an  email to that indicates which position you are interested in and describes your qualifications, skills, and experiences.

Thank you.

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Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Four Reasons to “Like” Us On Facebook

We know you like Beatley Library in real life. Now we ask you to “like” the Friends' Facebook page. What’s in it for you?

  1. Get reminders that membership comes with privileges like first dibs on books, CDs, and DVDs on sale.
  2. See how your contributions are helping the library (check out the gorgeous murals in the children’s area).
  3. Identify yourself as a library lover.
  4. Build up our numbers so at budget time City officials know their constituents care about library funding.

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