Got a Minute? Beatley Library Could Use You

Friends' contributions help the Library get what it might not be able to afford on its own. Prime examples are the murals in the Children's area and the state-of-the-art AV system that's now in the large meeting room. We raise money to make Beatley better.

We need help with book sales, membership, outreach, advocacy, fundraising, special programs, leadership, administration, and maintaining our presence on social media.

By devoting just a few hours per month, you can make a positive impact on the Library and the community. Shoot a quick email to to get started.

Thank you.

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Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Beatley volunteers

Four Reasons to “Like” Us On Facebook

We know you like Beatley Library in real life. Now we ask you to “like” the Friends' Facebook page. What’s in it for you?

  1. Get reminders that membership comes with privileges like first dibs on books, CDs, and DVDs on sale.
  2. See how your contributions are helping the library (check out the gorgeous murals in the children’s area).
  3. Identify yourself as a library lover.
  4. Build up our numbers so at budget time City officials know their constituents care about library funding.

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