Missionoutdoor reading garden
The Friends of the Beatley Central Library support the operation, continuance and development of the Library within the diverse community of Alexandria to enrich the cultural and educational life of its residents.


To champion the mission, purpose and requirements of the Beatley Central Library before City and Commonwealth legislative and governing bodies; to serve as a voice in the Alexandria community dedicated to promoting the Library’s interests and needs.

Communication & Marketing
To promote the Beatley Central Library as the vibrant center for the pursuit of knowledge, access to technology, and cultural events; to raise awareness about the Library’s programs and services.

To raise funds and other contributions to advance the mission and goals of the Friends of the Beatley Central Library and to help meet the Library’s needs.

Program Development
To sponsor or conduct programs and activities that foster a close, ongoing relationship between the Beatley Central Library and the Alexandria community.

Partnership Development
To expand the resources of the Library by establishing partnerships and other working arrangements between the Friends of the Beatley Central Library and public agencies, civic groups and associations, other private organizations and businesses.

To provide stimulating, rewarding experiences for the volunteers while accomplishing services and tasks in support of Beatley Central Library.